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College Counseling Services


College Counseling Services include breaking down the college process into manageable parts while getting to know your student.

DCC looks at the whole student the way many colleges evaluate applicants.

Students are encouraged to participate in self-assessment to determine their strengths and goals for the future. This process empowers them to own their college application process and their future.

Choosing a College
The Comprehensive Package

This option is for families that want assurance and guidance throughout the entire college process. This package is suitable for younger high school students who would like my expertise on everything from course selection to test scheduling, and may include:

• Course selection
• Thorough analysis of high school transcript and all activities
• One-on-one meetings to get to know your student
• A comprehensive list of schools prepared for your student based on his/her abilities, interests and needs
• Essay and personal statement review
• Application assistance
• Testing schedule
• School visit advice and post visit review
• Interview preparation
• Review of all acceptance packages
• Helping students manage deadlines

The Hourly Plan

For those students who don’t need help from testing to deadlines, I offer an hourly rate.

Interested families will receive a free 30-minute ‘get to know you’ session. Please contact me to schedule.


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